Being able to communicate in a different language other than your own native language is a wonderful thing; it gives you an insight into a different culture and also the extended way of thinking facilitates the approach to cognitive issues and higher levels of abstract thinking. There are numerous advantages to speaking a new language and here are the best three:


Learning and speaking a foreign language (such as how to speak Hindi) is not only academically important but it also opens up a new opportunity to delve deeper into a different culture. You learn to appreciate the new culture and also understand your own; it makes you more tolerant and open to others. What seemed insignificant about what the other people do or do not do suddenly dawns on you and you become fascinated with the traditions, customs, history and even the politics.

When you become competent in a foreign language, it enriches your cultural experience especially when you travel to that particular region where the language is prevalent. While in most cases people in touristic areas may be able to communicate in English, there are certain things that will only remain at face value to you, but when you are able to express yourself in the native language and converse with the locals, they are most probably going to share and reveal more about their culture.


Studies reveal that learning to speak a second language (like learning Polish online) other than your native one can not only improve your brain function but also helps in solving problems, decision making and listening skills. This is because speaking a foreign language forces your brain to recognize two different language systems and hence you become smarter. It is said that linguists are better at focusing on more relevant information, making rational decisions and spot misleading data and statistics. This is because your brain is stimulated and challenged to recognize, visualize, negotiate meaning and communicate in different systems whilst still aware of the body language and facial expressions. Did you also know that people who speak more than one language tend to make fewer errors in their driving? Well, if you are lately feeling like you mind is becoming dull, it is better to start sharpening it by learning to speak a foreign language.

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Apart from the fun of learning a foreign language; you know, the rolling of your tongue and the practice of the throat sounds while trying to get used to speaking a new language, you become more valuable to the society. Speaking a foreign language is not always easy and most people give up along the way, it takes effort and determination and this is what sets you apart from others and it clearly show your hard work and perseverance. Due to globalization your fluency in a foreign language becomes more of a money maker and makes it easier even to land on jobs abroad or within as the need for the corporate world to understand the needs of their clientele arises.


The world has changed rapidly and the days of speaking one language are over. Everyone should opt to learn a second language in order to fit in the global market. However with many languages it is hard to choose which languages to that are worth learning. While residents of many countries speak English, they often have a second language which may be official or unofficial. Here are some of the languages you can learn for international business, pleasure, or if you plan to stay abroad.


Russia is not exactly what you would describe as a fast growing economic giant due to its low population growth, however it does have a number of extremely rich persons who area spending big money around the world. You will be surprised at the great business deals you may get by simply communicating in this language. You may broaden your real estate business by selling to the rich Russians by communication in a language they can understand and that is Russian. The Russian language is also an important second language used in a number of emerging and frontier economies in the CIS countries and Western Europe. You can do Russian courses online to brush up on your skills.


Polish is a beautiful language though perceived hard to learn which is overrated. It is a language with strong literary traditions, very soft and easily lends itself to music and poetry. The Polish language is spoken in Poland which is a beautiful country with hospitable people and stunning mountains, rivers, forests and lakes. If you learn Polish you will be able to read the great works of Polish literature which is rich in history and content. You will also eventually understand more contemporary lyrics by awesome bands and laugh at the jokes in the many fantastic Polish comedies.


Turkish is a very significant language spoken by over 75 million people as a first language and you can learn Turkish online to open up that market to yourself. It is also spoken in several regions such as the Balkans, Western Europe and the Caucasus region. It is therefore beneficial to anyone interested in international business or politics of such regions.


Hebrew is a language of the Bible used in Israel one of the world’s fastest growing high tech economies and a country of constant importance on the world stage. It is a unique language that is both religious and cultural foundation of incalculable influence especially if read in the original language. It had been dead for over 2000 years but has been resurrected with vigor. Use sites like learnhebrewwizard.com to get up to speed.


China is making huge steps in the major roads of the global market place, this is no longer a secret but a factual truth that we must learn to live with, so why not learn the language.  The number of Chinese people who can speak in English is very small, barely 10 million compared to the number of people living in mainland China. With its powers growing and expanding to other regions, there is a requirement to be able to communicate with Chinese investors and buyers and those who can speak in Mandarin will have an upper hand in the business.

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